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SVCIT Reveiced the Outstanding School Award of Huang Yanpei Vocational Education

作者:唐妙荣 日期:2017-05-09 浏览次数:12750 

On May 5, the 100th anniversary ceremony of the founding of China Vocational Education Association and the 5th Huang Yanpei Vocational Education Awarding Ceremony was held at Jingxi Hotel in Beijing. Vice Secretaryof the Party Committee of SVCIT Jing Daihe attended the meeting and received the award.    

In recent years, SVCIT aims to improve the talent-cultivating quality by inovating schoold-running mechanism, deepening educational reform and promoting connotative development. This award is a way to fully recognize the new thought, move and method of educational reform and talen cultivation of SVCIT. And this provides a new opportunity for SVCIT to continue to improve school-running quality, serve local areas and radiat influences nationalwide by persisting in Huang Yanpei vocational education ideas.  

Huang Yanpei Vocational Education Award is one well-known and highly-acknowledged award through special certification by the State Council of the PRC. SVCIT is the only vocational college in Sichuan province among the 30 outstanding schools in the 5th Huang Yanpei vocational educational award.