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The Educational Practical Activity of Reading Sinology Classics Launched In Automobile Engineering Department

作者:唐妙荣 日期:2017-03-30 浏览次数:12145 

     To furthercultivate students’ civilization and morality, the educational practical activity of reading sinology classics was launched in Automobile Engineering Department on March 26.

     It is reported that all the counselors in this department will lead students to learn sinology classics on every weekend.The learning materials include the Four Books, the Five Classics, Tang and Song poems, etc. Every one hour of discussion and video-watching gets students actively involved.

     As the art combination of truth, virtue and beauty, the rich and profound Chinese culture is the foundation that makes Chinese nation stand rock-firm in the family of nations worldwide.The objective of this activity is to develop our traditional culture through along-term learning of sinology classics systematically, improve students’ culturalliteracy and moral quality, and enhance their sense of national honor and pride.