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The 2nd International Cultural Festival Held

作者:唐妙荣 日期:2024-03-20 浏览次数:88 

On the morning of December 24th, the Second International Cultural Festival of the college was held at the quality development center of

Xuefeng campus. Lv Qiang, vice president, as well as relevant officials from the School of Humanities, the International Cooperation Office, and

the Student Affairs Department, participated in the event.

Lv Qiang delivered a speech for the event. He stated that the International Cultural Festival is not only a platform for cultural exchange between

China and foreign countries, but also an important venue for young people around the world to practice and learn from each other. He hoped

that everyone could actively participate and enhance friendly exchanges through the activities.

The theme of this event is "Ten Years of Silk Road, Building Dreams for the Future". More than 200 students from ten countries including China,

Indonesia, Russia, and others participated in the event. Ten booths were set up at the event site, showcasing the unique cuisine, language and

traditional crafts of various countries. Teachers and students shuttle through various exhibition booths, savoring exotic customs amidst laughter

and joy.

In addition, Chinese and foreign students also performed cultural and artistic programs, where everyone dressed in splendid costumes sang

and danced, winning applause from teachers and students on site.