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BSK International of Germany Visited the College

作者:唐妙荣 日期:2024-03-20 浏览次数:90 

On November 27th, Kai-Arne Fiedler, Executive Director of Asian Affairs at BSK International of Germany, and his delegation visited the college international cooperation. Han Peng, the president, welcomed the guests and held a meeting on joint programs between Chinese and German institutions and enterprises in the hotel management at the conference room 0903 of the comprehensive building. Mu Zhongxu, vice present, as well as relevant teachers from the School of Digital Economy and the International Cooperation Office, also attended the meeting.

Han Peng stated that the college had maintained a close cooperative relationship with BSK International since 2016. Professional backbone teachers had been sent to German universities for long-term and short-term training visits, and the college had joined the joint training program for "dual system" university students in hotel management. The college was willing to continue to deepen cooperation with BSK International Education Institutions to help promote the international development of hotel management.

Kai-Arne Fiedler expressed gratitude to the college for its continuous support and trust in the BSK international projects, and hoped to deepen cooperation with the college in overseas training bases, course introduction, teacher exchanges and student exchanges.

Before the meeting, Kai-Arne Fiedler and his delegation visited the training room of the School of Digital Economy.