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Vocational Education Experts from Jiangsu Province Invited to Give Lectures on Teaching Diagnosis and Improvement

作者:唐妙荣 日期:2017-03-24 浏览次数:16817 

       In order to promote the normalized work of teaching diagnosis and improvement, we specially invited three vocational education experts from Jiangsu Province to give lectures. The lectures were held in Meeting Room 0903 and the academic exchanges center simultaneously to all the staff members in SVCIT.

       Finally, Vice President Cheng Yuandong made a summary speech. He firstly appreciated the experts’ exerllent lectures on behalf of all the staff members and then shared three personal feelings. One, teaching diagnosis and imprevement is extremelyurgent and imperative for the innovation and development of the college; Two,that work is a systematic project which must be done collaboratively; Three, thatwork is also a kind of thought and method which must be renewed constantly. We should combine it with daily work to comprehensively improve the quality of talentcultivation.